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Fic: Outside Looking In (1/1)

Title: Outside Looking In
Author: [personal profile] spikewriter
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, and supporting cast
Rating: PG
Length: 1,582 words
Spoilers: Through JE (though really, really AU)
Disclaimer: The BBC owns it all and all characters used here are borrowed with the greatest affection
Summary: The Doctor and Rose stared at one another across the debris-littered street, then come slamming together as if drawn by giant magnets. A tight embrace with him lifting her from the ground, followed by some first-class, world and dimension-shattering snogging.
Author's Notes: This was written back in December 2007 when casting spoilers for Series 4 broke (and before Torchwood Series 2 aired) leaked out, but long before we had any hard and fast information other than Catherine Tate's return. Two scenes popped into my head which I dashed off and am now properly rewriting and putting together. What's amusing to see upon looking back is how certain elements I chose were the same as RTD opted to use (and how very wrong I was about others). This really is just fun and fluff, and was originally going to serve as the starting point for a series of stories, but as some now deceased Torchwood characters appeared in prominent roles later on, the series was abandoned. Originally posted as two parts, I've revised this into a single stand-alone.

Martha couldn't wait to see how the South Wales Echo wrote this incident up, especially since Owen had been shouting all sorts of obscenities that had undoubtedly woken the neighbors, even if the sound of aliens invading hadn't.