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About a month ago, I asked for one word or short phrase prompts from the community. We had a lot of excellent responses and have now compiled them for a ficathon...

The Happy Who Ficathon is inspired by a ficathon a few years ago of the same name. It's a relatively simple one, just pick a prompt table - each consisting of 5, 10, or 15 prompts - and write fic for each one. The fics can be any length, from drabble to multi-chapter, just one prompt per fic/chapter. There is no time limit on this, this is merely to inspire.

There is one, and only ONE requirement: The fics these prompts inspire need to have a happy overtone or ending. Happy shippy fluff that has no calories is the best kind of summer treat.

5 prompt table:
confession anomaly haunting pool party customized

5 prompt table code:

10 prompt table:
impossible trainers ambiguity territorial vortex
incarnations laryngitis falling banana kudzu

10 Prompt table code:

15 prompt table:
fingernails harbouring disqualified expulsion malleable
harassment soda fountain spicy food magnetic forces gravitic anomalies
laminar stream febrile limp tirade supine

15 prompt table code:

Short version of the rules:
- fics must be happy in some way
- they can be any length
- no due dates
- when you post your fics, please be sure to use the "ficathon: happy who" tag.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. Have fun!

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